Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Introducing Nation Builder (working title)

Since my game, Nation Builder (working title), is starting to take shape, and I think that blogging my progress will make me more devoted, I have created this blog.

The game was originally invented by my brothers and myself and was supposed to be a city-building game with ant-people, medieval technology, trade, warfare, magic and some machines. Back then I called it Formicarium.

Meanwhile, many many years have passed, and Tarn Adams and his brother Zach envisioned their own, similar, idea, and have actually implemented it. If you haven't tried Dwarf Fortress already, I recommend that you try it at your earliest convenience.

Having played Dwarf Fortress, and learned from it, I have decided to create my own game. While it won't be Formicarium, it also won't be Dwarf Fortress 3-D. Compared to DF, my development process will be more focused on tangible-during-gameplay results, rather than nifty tiny details.

Here is a screen shot of what I have so far. This terrain is full 3-d, like Dwarf Fortress would be with graphics, but not 2.5-d like most games. This means you can dig tunnels and build bridges as part of the terrain, rather than as separate objects. (not pictured)

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