Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creating a galaxy

I am working on a new map generator, and would like to hear any ideas that you might have. (Just post them in the comments.)

The goals:

  • Where you start should influence your strategy.
  • Map features should cause interesting strategic situations.
  • The map should be visually interesting.

The tools:

  • Objects in space (e.g. stars, derelicts)
  • ‘Terrain’ types (e.g. nebulae)

Current ideas:

  • Younger stars near the centre, older stars on the rim.
  • At least three types of nebulae: dark, reflective and luminescent.
  • Stars inside or beyond dark or reflective nebulae are invisible over long range.
  • The galaxy has a number of arms depending on its size.
  • The gaps between the arms are large enough to be hard to cross.
  • Nebulae cover the core and the gaps between the arms.
  • There are cracks in the arms, creating choke points.
  • Wormholes occur, as shortcuts and choke points.
  • There are different kinds of ancient alien remains:
    • Ancient Wreck – Free tech
    • Ancient Ship – Free ship which can be scrapped for tech
    • Ancient Ruin – (Guarded?) A planet with a significant research bonus
    • Ghost Colony – (Guarded) Free colony with infrastructure and artefacts
    • Ancient Factory – (Guarded) Free factory space station
    • Ancient Refuge – (Guarded!) A planet inhabited by an ancient race
  • If I add ‘exotics’ as a resource type, the sources will be black holes, cosmic strings, etc.

Depending on how the ‘huge galaxy’ idea goes, I might even add the option to have multiple smaller galaxies instead.

Eventually, there will also be technologies to allow civilizations to modify the galaxy in various ways.

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