Friday, November 5, 2010

Many many cubes

Finally got the Cyclopean Engine's renderer fast enough for usage. Now I need to get the texture working.

When I was playing Minecraft the other day, I realized the potential for this kind of engine. It would be a bit stupid if Minecraft and Infiniminer were the only games to ever use it, or if everyone had to write their own. (It is trickier than one would think.) So, I decided to make my own engine, which will be free to use and probably open source (eventually), and my own game with that engine.

The name Cyclopean Engine refers to cyclopean architecture, which is when a building is constructed from huge stone blocks, usually made to fit neatly together. The game will probably be called Cyclopean Adventures, and will have some Lovecraft-style horror in it if I can manage that.

While most of the game world will be strictly Cartesian and/or Euclidean, I programmed it with see-through portals in mind, so it will be possible to have areas linked in impossible ways by invisible portals you might not notice, deviating from Cartesian and Euclidean concepts of space. For instance, a mysterious house might be larger on the inside than the outside, and breaking though a certain wall could lead you to a different universe.

I could even make one side of the portal larger than the other, so that objects can change size when passing through, although building stuff will make even less sense then.

By the way, the zone which is rendered consists of 262144 cubes, but it only renders the possibly-visible surfaces, which is why it is fast. If one were to fill the zone with a checkerboard pattern of translucent cubes, it could become very slow indeed.

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