Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look around in wonder

Got the mouse-look working, more-or-less. I can now fly around in Cyclopean.

I had to lock the mouse to the center of the window somehow. I could not find any advice on how to do this in Java, but fortunately it does have the functionality.

I used a MouseListener to catch the mouse movement events as usual, a ComponentListener to discover when the window was moved, and a Robot to move the mouse cursor to the center of the GLCanvas each time the mouse moved. The amount that the mouse moved is just the difference between its position and the center of the GLCanvas.

These mouse movements are accumulated over the gameplay/physics frame and the total used to rotate the player's viewpoint when the gameplay frame is processed. This is necessary since the gameplay and mouse are handled in separate threads. Each keyboard event also has its own thread and the graphics renderer as well. When I implement streamed loading of the world, this will also have its own thread.

I considered making this game multiplayer-capable, but real-time games aren't really suited to this; both latency and lag have always been significant in my experience.

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