Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress and Decisions

The mouse-look is now working entirely correctly.

I have added Newton's first and second laws of motion. I need to handle collision detection before I can add the third law.

To keep things running fast and to make the programming simpler, I will handle free-moving objects as non-rotating 'fuzzy' cylinders. What I mean by 'fuzzy', is that the radius of the cylinder is not constant, but rather depends on the kind of check one is doing. Horizontal checks will use the full radius, but for vertical checks round objects will have a radius of zero. This will allow flat objects to stack, round objects to stand on flat objects, and round objects to form piles. Most objects will be round, but I can definitely see some use for flat objects.

I have not decided how the map itself will be handled yet, because I first have to decide whether I should stick to cubes. I have read up on a technique called 'dual-contouring', which would allow me to use both smooth and angular shapes as I see fit.

Whether or not to use OpenCL is also a big decision to make.

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