Monday, January 28, 2013

Physics Trouble

As you might have noticed, I made some changes to the first post of my physics sequence, and although I had posted a second post, I removed it after a few days.

The reason is that I have been re-evaluating some of the decisions that I made, and doing lots of mathematics.  Pages and pages full of equations.  It's ridiculous, it's not even funny. ;^)

I have managed to write the potential-field function in matrix form, and this has shown me several further possibilities on how the physics engine can be used, and also some ways to optimize it and to adapt it to run on the GPU.  And, furthermore, it could run as a part of the graphics rendering pipeline without slowing it down.

So, my physics sequence is on hold until I have managed to organize my thoughts and tested them mathematically.  If you're getting bored, go play Path of Exile. :^J

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